I got a chance to see some great board games at New York Toy Fair this year. The usual big ticket publishers were there like Mayfair, iello, and Asmodee. But, some of the hidden gems were at a booth that house smaller game designers who all had their games published by a company called AdMagic.

AdMagic is a publisher that allows people to get their games made without signing onto a bigger publisher. This gives them an independant feel that immediately grabbed our attention! (We love our indie games here at Engaged Family Gaming!)

Letter Tycoon Logo
We cannot WAIT to play this game!

Letter Tycoon, a board game designed by Squirmy Beast, was one of the first games I laid eyes on and I couldn’t look away. The first thing that drew me in was the art style. The entire aesthetic made it look like it would fit in at an antique store. Take a look at the game components below! (WHOA!)

Letter Tycoon Components
Crazy good right?

Things aren’t all about looks here either. Letter Tycoon is a word game with some serious chops. Players use their seven card hand and a three card shared pool to create words. Each word they create earned them cash that they can spend to buy the patent on different letters. Owning the patent earns you MORE cash when other people use the letter. This can get out of control fast so you need to be smart with your word creation AND with your patent acquisition.

We will be following up with a formal review soon… but if you cant wait you can purchase the game through BreakingGames.com right here.

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By Stephen Duetzmann

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