The Spiel Des Jahres is a German award program for board and card games with the purpose of rewarding excellence in game design and promoting well designed games in Germany (and ultimately the world over). The awards have been given since 1978 and many board game enthusiasts believe that they are responsible for cultivating a strong development community in Germany and increasing the overall quality of their games.

There are three awards given out each year at this point. The Spiel Des Jahres (which is literally translated to Game of the Year), the Kennerspiel Des Jahres (which roughly translates to Connoisseur Game of the Year), and the Kinderspiel Des Jahres (or Children’s Game of the year). All of them are intended to reward games targeted to different audiences. Below is a list of the nominees and winners for this years award.

Game of the Year

The game of the year is, essentially, the Best Picture award for board games. The winning game is often a game with new and interesting mechanics that are expressed in simple ways. They also tend to have great components that are well made. Any game nominated for the Spiel Des Jahres is worth, at least a look from your family.

Game: Colt ExpressWINNER

Colt Express

Designer: Christophe Raimbault

Publisher: Ludonaute

Game: Machi KoroNOMINEE

Machi Koro

Designer: Masao Suganuma

Publisher: Kosmos

Game: The GameNOMINEE

The Game

Designer: Steffen Benndorf

Publisher: Nürnberger Spielkarten Verlag

Connoisseur- Game of the Year

The Connoisseur-Game of the Year is an award given to a game that is, while well designed, a bit too complex for your average consumer. Many of these games will have lots of components, and will take a very long time to play (but not always). Don’t let that stop you though. These are still great games that beat out HUGE piles of other games to be nominated for an award.

Game: Broom ServiceWINNER

Broom Service

Designer: Andreas Pelikan and Alexander Pfister

Publisher: Ravensburger

Game: ElysiumNOMINEE


Designer: Brett J. Gilbert and Matthew Dunstan

Publisher: Space Cowboys

Game: OrléansNOMINEE


Designer: Reiner Stockhausen

Publisher: dlp games

Children’s Game of the Year

The Children’s Game of the Year Award is given to games that are designed specifically with children in mind. That is not to say that they will not be playable by older players, but they are a far cry from Candy Land and Sorry.

Game: SpinderellaWINNER


Designer: Roberto Fraga

Publisher: Zoch

Game:Push a MonsterNOMINEE

Push a Monster

Designer: Wolfgang Dirscherl and Manfred Reindl

Publisher: Queen Games

Game: Schatz RabatzNOMINEE


Designer: Karin Hetling

Publisher: Noris-Spiele

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