Minecraft is well known for its plethora of amazing mods (and not-so-kid-friendly mods like Jenny) for the Java version. For more information about the Jenny Mod check out our article here. Remember that Minecraft Java is not the same as Minecraft Bedrock, which is the version that you can launch from the Xbox app on PC, modern consoles, and mobile. 

Many of the most well-known mods tend to be available via CurseForge, which means that they’re not available for Bedrock players. Bedrock mods are vetted and approved by Mojang (the developers) and Microsoft (the publisher). In order to access the Cave Dweller mod, players will need the Java editor and GeckoLib. 

A new mod that’s taken Minecraft content creators by storm is the Cave Dweller mod, created by Gargin. The Cave Dweller mod is inspired by another mod, CaveNoises, which creates creepy sounds in caves to give some not-so-serious spooks to Minecraft players that have it enabled. The Cave Dweller mod is akin to the Enderman in its potential for being frightening. Rexus, a Minecraft content creator, has a great narrative dive into the Cave Dweller for the brave among us. 

So, beyond the Cave Dweller being labeled one of Minecraft’s most terrifying mods, here’s what we need to know about the mod itself. 

Is the Cave Dweller Mod Okay for Children?

First, unlike Jenny, Cave Dweller is harmless for children to encounter. It’s just creepy. It will definitely scare children who don’t have a strong affinity for the darker side of kid-friendly horror tropes. If your child is sensitive to frightening images or sounds, please advise them to not play on servers that have the Cave Dweller mod enabled. 

The Cave Dweller will only spawn as a mob in the Cave biome in Minecraft, which means that it will not show up in any other biome. If you’re expecting a Cave Dweller in the ocean, you’ll either be disappointed or relieved, depending on your fear tolerance. 

There are a number of issues (as of this article’s writing) with this mod crashing servers as it requires Minecraft Java version 1.19.3. Anything newer with certain shaders enabled may end up crashing the server it’s installed on. 

What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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