Nintendo has announced a new game in the Mario and Luigi role playing game series. The game is called Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam and appears to combine elements of both the original series and the Paper Mario games.

This was, quietly, one of the most exciting announcements of the show. It is a subtle combination of two game series that have been very successful for Nintendo over the years. Even better? Both of these games tend to be hilarious on their own and the humor potential of including two matching sets of Nintendo characters into the same game is undeniable.

We don’t know a LOT aside from the release window of Spring 2016, but we can assume from the trailer that it will be a role playing game that will include some action elements. For example, in combat you will need to jump on classic Mario enemies like Koopa Troopas and Goombas. You need to perform button presses at the right time in order to do bonus damage.

We’ll learn more about this game as it comes closer to release thanks to the inevitable Nintendo Directs that will be released over the rest of the year.

Keep your eyes on Engaged Family Gaming for more news as we approach the release date.

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By Stephen Duetzmann

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