By: Keri Engel

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, families are finding themselves stuck at home and adopting new routines. As families juggle working from home and remote learning, many are struggling to keep children entertained and mentally challenged. While schools have been great at adapting on the fly it cannot be ignored that there are high school seniors who need to keep their brains active for college and kindergarteners who should be in school learning reading fluency. Through Continuity of Learning plans, it is the job of educators and parents to fill in these gaps in engaging ways and this is where digital games can help.

This is where the guide Learning with Digital Games: A Guide for Educators and Parents During the Covid-19 Crisis, written by myself and Ryan Schaaf, will be valuable.

The guide is broken up into three main categories: primary, intermediate, and secondary to ensure that the needs of all learners are met. Games are tagged based on subjects, skills, and how accessible the game is to a child. Parents can utilize the labels supported play, guided play, and independent play to plan out how and when to introduce their learner to the game.

Educators and parents see that learners are struggling with the motivation to complete classwork. It is difficult to remain dedicated to school work when surrounded by the comforts of home and the accessibility of distraction. One of the most prevalent distractions for children are video games and why shouldn’t they be? They’re colorful, they’re engaging, they provide challenges and tell stories. If learners can sink their teeth into something that is engaging and enriching then everyone wins.

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