Square Enix held their E3 2019 Press conference on June 10th, 2019. They actually took Sony’s normal spot after they bowed out of the event. I knew as soon as that happened that Square had something to show, and they didn’t disappoint.

Take a look below for five things parents need to know!

Final Fantasy VII Remake

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming, and sooner than we expected.  On March 3rd, 2020, we’ll get to play this labor of love that so many fans have waited so long for.  On top of that, they seem to have expanded and fleshed out the story, to give us a deeper look into Midgar.  One of the best benefits of today’s gaming technology is it can be used as a tool for more immersive, more complete storytelling.  In the case of the Final Fantasy 7 remake, I think evolving and maturing the storytelling is a smart, and very welcome decision.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles was a Square Enix title released during the Nintendo GameCube Era that featured a heavy co-op multiplayer element. The popularity of the game was hamstrung by requiring a combination of Gameboy Advance and GameCube for its most in depth features. In 2003, this is a game where the premise did not quite fit the technology of the times. Almost 15 years later, online and mobile phone technology have closed the gap to making this game accessible to a larger variety of players. This in addition to a fresh HD graphics upgrade makes this an appealing title to investigate for the Winter of 2019.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition S

Dragon Quest 11 celebrated it success with announcements of its recent port to the Nintendo Switch on both Square Enix and Nintendo’s E3 Presentations. The Definitive Edition combines its adaptations for both the PS4 and the 3DS into a single experience on the Nintendo Switch. As a family gaming experience, this game’s best feature is its consistency in gameplay. Dragon Quest has found its appeal, as well as its detractors, by sticking to its core gameplay and theme and moving with the times only to improve its overall quality. Dragon Quest has been an iconic high fantasy story since its original incarnations in the NES era, and it uses its own nostalgia as its best advertisement. The Switch release comes in the fall of 2019, and its PS4 release is available now, making this a must have in the family gamers library among multiple consoles.


Oninaki is a diablo-esque game with an anime aesthetic. It is being made by the Tokyo RPG Factory and will release August 22, 2019 on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC. Players equip spirits that provide them with weapons and special skills.

Tokyo RPG Factory has struggled out the gate with its past few games, but this looks like it could be their best game yet!

Marvel’s Avengers

Crystal Dynamics finally revealed Marvel’s Avengers. They had announced it a few years ago, and it was a sight to behold. We can’t wait to play through a single player story featuring Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, The Hulk, and Thor. We especially can’t wait for the multiplayer missions that will be expanded with new maps, mission, and heroes – for free.

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