A new, free, update has been added to Animal Crossing: New Horizons as of July 3rd. Wave 1 expands the playable space for everyone by letting you play in the ocean!

Below are the new features added in the free Wave 1 Update.

  • Swimming and Diving – You can equip a wet suit and explore the ocean around your island. You can swim and dive to look for new wild life to sell or donate to the museum.
  • New Clothing types – Wet suits, swim masks, and water shoes
  • Pascal Brings Rewarding Recipes – They’ve added a new visitor: Pacal. He is a friendly otter who absolutely LOVES scallops. You can trade scallops that you find while diving (look for the bubbles) for Mermaid themed DIY patterns.
  • Gulliver? – Gulliver gets a pirate themed rescue mission after you download the new update.       

Even better? This isn’t the only free update coming this summer! There is a second wave schedule for sometime in August! The video that accompanied the announcement for the summer updates had fireworks on the splash screen for the August update so that might be the theme? We may not know for sure, but we don’t have to wait very long!

What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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By Stephen Duetzmann

Editor in Chief Founder/EiC EngagedFamilyGaming.com Blogger, Podcaster, Video Host RE: games that families can play together. Editor@engagedfamilygaming.com

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