Publisher: Gamewright
Genre: Trivia Party Game/Card
Players: 2 or more
Ages: 10 & Up
Time: 15 minutes
MSRP: $9.99

Over/Under – The Game of Guesstimates consists of a sturdy box holding 200 cards with 600 random trivia questions, and a rules pamphlet. Unlike most trivia games, this one is not about your ability to recall inconsequential facts. As the title suggests, it is about guessing! While playing the game a player may learn some random trivia, but the actual focus of the game is on teaching estimation.

Game play is extremely simple. The object is to collect the most cards by the time the stack is depleted. Play starts by taking a pile of 20-40 cards to start the game (choose shorter or longer stacks to adjust the length of the game). The person who last walked under a bridge becomes the first question master. The question master picks one of 3 questions on the first card and reads it aloud to the other players. The players confer and choose an answer. The question master then decides if the group’s answer is over(higher), under(lower), or spot on(exactly

correct) of the actual answer on the back of the card. If the question master is successful in their choice, they keep the card. Play passes to the left and continues until the stack of cards is depleted.

This game is a decent family game that can be played with a both a small group and a large group. It’s small and portable with no extraneous pieces that can be easily lost, which makes it a great waiting game to bring to restaurants and other appointments. The recommended age of 10 and up is fairly accurate because the game requires fluent reading skills and basic fact knowledge. We found that younger players gave some really absurd answers to the questions which added an element of silliness and humor to the game. The game has a unique social aspect that makes is more cooperative than a traditional trivia game, and really helps to give it the party game feel.

Overall this is a decent party game, but their are better party games to add to your game closet that may be more exciting than this one.

Disclosure: A review copy of this game was provided by the publisher for review purposes.

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