By: Jenna Duetzmann, Staff Writer

Publisher: Carma Games, LLC.

 Players: 2-4

 Playing Time: 5 – 10 minutes

 Suggested Retail Price: 14.95

 Rated Ages: 7-97

Tenzi Game is a fast paced dice game that is great for families, a quick ice breaker to start off a family game night, or a great way to break up boredom while waiting to play a more complex game.

 The game consists of 40 six sided dice of 4 different colors and an instruction sheet.

 We’ve played this game several times now with children ages 7-12 and with adults and each time it’s been a fun and unique experience. The game at its core is extremely simple, which makes it great for children. Basically, each player rolls their dice until all if them have a matching number. The first player to get all of them to match, wins. The small included instruction sheet (which tells a nice story about then creation of the game) has many different variations of the basic game, making it a lot more fun than it initially seems. The game play is always fresh, fun, and super fast.

 It really is a game that is playable by anyone, but if you have a child who is easily distracted by noise or what others are doing, they might get frustrated because they will quickly fall behind. Some of the variations may also be challenging for younger children because they require fine motor skills like stacking.

 Overall, it might be a bit expensive for what it contains, but we’ve found the convenience of the packaging, and the game itself, to be a worthwhile purchase.

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