Nintendo announced Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer at a Nintendo Direct earlier this year, but didn’t give much in the way of details. This year’s Nintendo Digital Event fixed all of that.

In Happy Home Designer you are tasked with decorating homes for various Animal Crossing characters based on their personal preferences. They might want an outdoorsy home, or a “happy” home and you will have to interpret that and give them what they want. This is, essentially, the home design portion of Animal Crossing: New Leaf made into its own game.

Amiibo cards

The gimmick here is that Happy Home Designer will make use of amiibo cards (above). These are card shape amiibo that function like regular amiibo without the whole figurine thing. This is pretty neat for them. Here’s hoping that they manage the manufacturing on the cards correctly because Happy Home Designer won’t be playable without them.

What do you think? Are you and your children interested in Animal Crossing?

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