If you’re looking for some new games to keep your teens entertained, look no further! Here are 5 Meta Quest games that are sure to please. Each one is recommended by teens who knows what’s hot right now. So put down the phones and tablets, and get your (VR) family game on!

Note: You can read our report about VR safety for kids.

Beat Saber

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Imagine, dual-wielding light sabers, while red and blue boxes are rapidly flying toward you, your goal, cut the boxes in half. Now imagine that but with epic music in the background. The main premise cutting boxes to the rhythm of the music. with many styles of music from pop to county to rock there is a style for everyone. There is also a campaign that gives special win conditions for different levels in different difficulties, such as moving your hands a certain distance or only having a certain number of misses or incorrect cuts. In addition it also gives you a good arm workout and feels like you have actually been swinging around lightsabers at high speed. Doesn’t that sound fun? If it does, Beat Saber is the game for you. If it isn’t, your insane. Beat saber is a VR rhythm game where you’re trying to cut boxes out of the air, and its amazing.

Super Hot VR

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If you have ever watched the Matrix and wanted to do that cool bullet time thing, SUPERHOT is the perfect game. Time only moves when you move, and only moves at the speed you move, making it an amazing puzzle shooter, where it makes you feel like an action movie star bobbing and weaving between an onslaught of bullets. Superhot forces you to pay attention to not moving at all when you assess a situation, while doing so moving around locations where you can throw weapons to yourself just before moving to that next location. It also has you make do with what is around you to defend yourself and attack the enemy. Fighting with everything from wine bottles and ashtrays, to ninja stars, to pistols and machine guns.


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Moss is a third-person action game where you guide a mouse through a wildlife adventure. With beautiful graphics, fast-paced combat, and Zelda style puzzles, Its one of the best VR games for new players, as it takes a familiar genre, and puts it into a new perspective. Check out the impressions from the E3 Team in 2017 here.

Job Simulator

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Job Simulator is a physics-based VR game that is a basic simulation of how jobs work narrated and lead by JobBot. There are four jobs to choose from, office worker, gourmet chef, auto mechanic, and convenience store clerk. It uses floating CRT monitors to simulate people and interact with them, and it allows you to just mess with everything if you want. everything has physics and throwing things at the robots will cause them to respond. The tasks you are given range from giving a presentation to your coworkers to being on TV with CookBot Ramsey. It is a fun game you you can play for countless hours, changing different things every time, or going into infinite overtime narrated and lead by TempBot, which is and endless mode with countless other things to do. These things range from playing silly knockoff games on the computer, like flappy bot, to supping up a bots car for a street race.

Cooking Simulator

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Cooking simulator VR takes the chaos of working in a kitchen, but makes it harder by giving you semi-realistic physics. A super fast-paced, and chaotic physics game. It’s a must-have for those who like bringing their headset to parties, and like social games. In the story mode it is your job to take orders and turn a 1 star restaurant into a 5 star restaurant, with one catch, you are by yourself, and are taking multiple orders at a time. There is a time constraint. or you can play in free play and make whatever you like, refining your skills to that of a professional cook. It also allows you to find and learn how to make real recipes (with the exception of how much time they take to make) and gives you all the tools to make almost whatever food you want. With several locations/kitchens to cook in and explore.

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