By: Stephen Duetzmann

Polyphony Digital

ESRB Rating: E for Everyone

December 6th, 2013

Available for PS3 (exclusive)

Overall Review:

Every family has a “thing.” Some families go camping. Some watch sports. Other families may enjoy reading. If your family enjoys talking about, watching, or driving cars then this game is just about perfect for you.

Gran Turismo 6 is the twelfth game released in the series and commemorates its 15th year as one of the premiere racing franchises in the video game industry. Polyphony Digital has been doing this a long time, and it shows. The visuals are absolutely stunning and the sound was immersive. There is no PS3 game on the market that presents racing so beautifully.

Gran Turismo 6 is full of different challenges and game modes that will present players with different challenges. I never found myself bored with the same cars and races before being able to move on.

The there are over 1200 cars available for purchase that range from the Honda Fit and nine different varieties of Mini Cooper all the way to the Ferrari Dino 246 GT ’71. If you couple that with 29 tracks, Go-Karts, and a mission that involves the lunar rover you have a LOT of variety on your hands. My sons had a lot of fun knocking down cones during the Coffee Break missions. Win or lose; they didn’t care.

Family Gaming Assessment:

You would be hard pressed to find anything inappropriate for families in Gran Turismo 6.

If I was forced to choose something that some parents might take issue with it is that the depiction of driving is accurate, but that there are, obviously, no serious consequences for driving erratically and crashing into things. But, that’s it.

The online portion of the game comes with the standard online warnings. Some people who play games online are not people I would want my children to talk to. Take that into consideration if you choose to have your kids race online.

Playability Assessment:

We’re not talking about an “easy” game here. It is part of the simulation racer family of games that puts a stronger emphasis on the mechanics and physics of driving than it does with the racing.

Realism is the hallmark of the Gran Turismo series. Driving these vehicles is very complex. Frustration can mount even faster when you realize that the best looking cars are among the hardest to drive. This can make the game a laborious process for children who aren’t familiar with racing games.

To be frank, if your child’s only racing experience so far has been Mario Kart, then this is going to be a significant adjustment for them. The game does have some assists that can be turned on in the options section that can help drivers who tend to over-steer or brake incorrectly. But, they won’t drive the car for you.

Another tip: The game provides a racing line that shows the best path to take while racing each individual track. This line is turned off by default after you leave the novice levels, but can be turned back on in the options menu.

Parents who enjoy racing should give this multiplayer mode a shot with their children:

  1. Set up a multiplayer race and choose a higher number of laps (5-6 is a good number)
  2. Let your child pick the fastest, most gnarly looking racecar they can find. You should choose an average car.
  3. Tell your child that they only need to complete half (or less) of the required laps while you have to complete them all.

That will add a pretty significant challenge for you as even the least experienced drivers will find a straightaway.


This is a great addition to your collection if you and your family like cars or racing games.

My family had a lot of fun just looking at the different car options and taking turns driving (or crashing) on the different courses. 

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By Stephen Duetzmann

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