By: Jenna Duetzmann, Staff Writer

Created by Steve Jackson Games (the same creators behind the Munchkin series)

Publisher: Edge Entertainment, Pegasus Spiele, Steve Jackson Games

Published in 2010

Players: 2 – 99, Ages 10 and Up

Zombies are all the rage right now, and Zombie Dice perfectly taps into this trend. With an average playtime of just 10 minutes, it serves as an excellent warm-up game or icebreaker, similar to Tenzi, which I previously reviewed. The premise is straightforward: You are a zombie craving brains, on the hunt for victims. These victims can either escape, defeat you with a shotgun, or succumb to becoming your next meal.

Despite the grim-sounding theme, the game is not graphic. It includes a stylish dice cup containing 13 dice and a set of instructions. The imagery on the cup is slightly eerie, but it’s nothing that would scare a 6-year-old. The dice themselves feature simple icons: an explosion, running feet, and a cartoonish brain, representing the ‘victims’ zombies pursue. The dice come in three colors, signifying the difficulty level of catching a victim: green (easy), yellow (moderately challenging), and red (difficult).

How do you play Zombie Dice?

The player who can produce the most spine-chilling “BRAAAAAINS!!!” sound effect goes first. Players shake the cup and draw three dice without looking, then roll them. Brains mean points are saved for the end of their turn, shotgun blasts are a setback, and footprints have no immediate effect.

Players may continue rolling for more brains at the risk of accumulating shotgun blasts or choose to stop and count their brains for points (one brain equals one point). Drawing three shotgun blasts ends a player’s turn with no points scored, regardless of accumulated brains.

The game continues until a player scores thirteen points or more, triggering a final round for the others to collect as many brains as possible. The winner is the one with the most brains at the game’s conclusion.

Zombie Dice is accessible to children aged 6 and up, though it’s officially recommended for ages 10 and up, likely due to the zombie theme. We’ve found that while the “press your luck” mechanic adds a strategic layer that may challenge younger players, it greatly enriches the game’s appeal. Observing the differing strategies between a cautious player and a risk-taker within our family has been both surprising and entertaining.


The game’s quick pace and decision-making keep players engaged, making it a portable and enjoyable addition to family game nights. Our only minor quibble is with over-enthusiastic dice shaking, which can dislodge the cup’s bottom, sending dice scattering. Nonetheless, we adore the game and eagerly anticipate exploring its expansions!

One thought on “Zombie Dice Review”
  1. We actually have managed to play this with a zombie-obsessed 3 year old. She LOVES it! Mostly, the issue she has is being FAR too conservative! It’s very similar to pass-the-pigs in the decisions being made each turn (Keep or Roll Again), and after she lost all her points from touching pigs — the moment she sees one shotgun she ends her turn!

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