If you’re looking for some new games to keep your teens entertained, look no further! Here is a list of Meta Quest games that We are comfortable recommending to everyone. There is something on this list for anybody. Each one is recommended by a teen who knows what’s hot right now. So put down the phones and tablets and get your (VR) family game on!

Note: You can read our report about VR safety for kids.

Beat Saber

Buy Beat Saber here

Beat saber is a VR rhythm game where you’re trying to cut boxes out of the air, and it’s amazing. Imagine dual-wielding lightsabers while red and blue boxes are rapidly ramming toward you. Your goal? Cut the boxes in half. Now imagine that but with epic music in the background. Doesn’t that sound fun? If it does, Beat Saber is the game for you. If it isn’t, your bananas.

Super Hot VR

Buy Super Hot VR here

If you have ever watched the Matrix and wanted to do that cool bullet time thing, SUPERHOT is the perfect game. Time only moves when you move, and only moves at the speed you move, making it an amazing puzzle shooter, where it makes you feel like an action movie star bobbing and weaving between an onslaught of bullets


Buy Moss here

Moss is a third-person action game where you guide a mouse through a wildlife adventure. With beautiful graphics, fast-paced combat, and Zelda-style puzzles, It’s one of the best VR games for new players, as it takes a familiar genre, and puts it into a new perspective.

Job Simulator

Buy Job Simulator here

Job Simulator is a physics-based VR game that is a basic simulation of how jobs work. There are four jobs to choose from, office worker, gourmet chef, auto mechanic, and convenience store clerk. It uses floating CRT monitors to simulate people and interact with them, and it allows you to just mess with everything if you want.

Cooking Simulator

Buy Cooking Simulator here

Cooking simulator VR takes the chaos of working in a kitchen but makes it harder by giving you wacky Octodad-style physics. A super funny, fast-paced, and chaotic physics game. It’s a must-have for those who like bringing their headset to parties, and like social games.

Vacation Simulator

Buy Vacation Simulator here

Vacation Simulator is a physics-based VR game simulating vacations at the beach, in the forest, and in the mountains. Like Job Simulator it uses floating CRT monitors and has a loose plot, attempting to gain memories that are used to unlock other areas in the game to explore.

Echo VR

Buy Echo VR here

Echo VR is like basketball, but you’re using a frisbee, oh, and you’re in zero gravity. It’s an amazing 3v3 sports game, that is helpful for helping someone get their VR legs. It is also an awesome multiplayer experience. Definitely, a must-have for Quest users, as it’s one of the more popular games to play with a party.

I expect you to die

Buy I Expect You To Die here

I Expect You To Die is a super spy thriller. where your goal is to take on a supervillain that is trying to release an airborne disease into the world. This is one of the best interactive puzzle games released for VR. It can be played while seated, making it perfect for those who don’t have a defined VR space where they can stand up.

Gorilla Tag

Buy Gorilla Tag here

Gorilla Tag is a multiplayer platformer where you play as a gorilla while jumping and chasing players around a playground and playing tag. To move, you have to push yourself off the ground with your arms. Once you get good at that, you have to learn how to launch yourself up walls. This is a fantastic game to get used to vr games, as long as you can deal with the annoying kids on voice chat.

Wands Alliances

Buy Wands Alliances here

Wands Alliances is a hero shooter, but instead of using guns as one would expect, you use magic wands. Dual-wielding wands, you have to protect your teammates, and capture an objective. Wands give you that feeling of a shooter, while not having to worry about guns, definitely a must-have for people who are super into competitive gaming.

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