E3 2018 is over and the EFG Staff has gone out of our way to share OUR thoughts. But, we wanted to reach out to some kids and see their thoughts!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pa4vrynwkwY[/embedyt]


Evan – 12 years old

I can’t get as hyped for it as I want, because we don’t have PSVR. But, maybe if they’ll put it out on Mobile VR or Xbox Kinect it would be awesome. The game looks like a lot of fun and the music in the trailer was great.


Jacob – 9 years old

Beat Saber look like a fun game, but the only problem is that it looks really hard. You would have to be really good at it to play it I think.


Jeremiah – 9 years old

Whoa! What?!? That’s so cool! I wish we had VR.


Claire – 9 years old (From The Family Gamers!)

I think it’s really really cool because its like you’re a Jedi but you’re playing Amplitude.


Asher – 7 years old (From The Family Gamers!)

It’s like you’re a Jedi and a Sith in one person so they’re just using red and blue.


Brynne – 8 years old

I really liked it because you had swords that you could move around and you had to match it up with the exact block colors. I think it’s really cool. Almost like a puzzle. And I’m really, really, really mad that it can’t go on Xbox, but it looked amazing. So I guess my parents will have to get me a PlayStation.


What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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By Stephen Duetzmann

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