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For kids 6 and up, 2-6 players, and takes about 20 minutes to play.

Slamwich is a fun card game that’s a bit like other games you might know, such as Slapjack, War, and Uno. It has 55 cards that are shaped like slices of bread, decorated with different sandwich fillings and some funny characters on special cards.

We’re fans of Gamewright games here at Engaged Family Gaming and were happy to find Slamwich on sale at a big store. It seemed like a cool game that my 5-year-old would like. It usually costs $9.99, but you can find it cheaper on Amazon. To start playing, you just split up the deck among the players.

Playing is easy. Everyone takes turns flipping their top card onto a pile in the middle. If the right combination of cards comes up, everyone tries to slap the pile first. The rules are simple: if you flip a card that matches the one below it, that’s a “Double Decker.” If two matching cards have one different card between them, that’s a “Slamwich.” There are also special cards like the “Thief” or “Muncher” that shake things up and make it a bit of a lucky game. If you run out of cards, you’re out. The goal is to get all the cards to win.

We’ve played a lot with kids of different ages. My 8-year-old thinks it’s funny and easy, and my 5-year-old laughs a lot at the silly food combinations. My husband isn’t too happy that the kids are quicker than him. But, it’s all fun, and even adults can’t be sure they’ll win, which is a good lesson for everyone.

Slamwich might not be as tricky or deep as some other Gamewright games, but it’s still lots of fun. We’ve liked other games for beginners a bit more, but Slamwich is still a good game for young kids that doesn’t need any reading or math.


Should you rush to buy it? Maybe not right away. But it’s a great little extra gift or something special for a young gamer. Plus, it helps kids get better at noticing patterns and figuring out what might come next, all while they’re having fun.

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