Every week the EFG staff will be defining a gaming term that is either confusing or ill-defined. Please leave a comment with any terms you are confused by and we will try to include them in future editions

The gaming definition this week is a term that is applicable to games: Cooperative Game

A cooperative game is a game where all the players work together for a common goal. Typically players are working against the board or a timer, and the players all win or all loose depending on if they can meet the win condition in time. There are games available at all levels from the youngest gamers to heavy weight games that are cooperative.

Last Defense

Examples of Cooperative Games:

  • Hoot Owl Hoot: Players are working to get the Owls Home before the sun rises
  • Last Defense: Players are working together to save the city from invading monsters, and only have 20 minutes
  • Pandemic: Players work to find a cure for four diseases before the infection level gets too high
  • Forbidden Island: Player are trying to escape a sinking island before too much is flooded
  • Smoosh and Seek Treehouse: Players are trying to find all the hiding woodland creatures before Mr. Prickles, the porcupine finishes climbing the ladder.

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What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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By Linda Wrobel

Managing Editor: Board Games Mother, Educator, and Board Game Editor.

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