Here are all the video game releases rated E-T by the ESRB that are releasing between December 13th through December 19th.

Monday, December 14th

  • Jigsaw Fun: Piece it Together- Switch

Tuesday, December 15th

  • Boot Hill Heroes- Switch
  • Collection of Saga: Final Fantasy Legend- Switch
  • Dark Grim Mariupolis- Switch
  • Dicey Dungeons- Switch
  • Shakes on a Plane- Switch

Wednesday, December 16th

  • Colossus Down- Xbox One
  • MXGP 2020- PS4, Xbox One
  • SYNTHETIK: Ultimate- Xbox One, Switch

Thursday, December 17th

  • Body of Evidence- Switch
  • Defentron- Switch
  • Elemental War TD- Xbox One
  • Gems of Magic: Lost Family- Switch
  • Mercenaries Blaze: Dawn of the Twin Dragons- Switch
  • Traditional Tactics Ne+- Switch
  • Unto the End- Switch
  • Wilmot’s Warehouse- Xbox One
  • Yum Yum Line- Switch

Friday, December 18th

  • 60 Parsecs!- Xbox One, Switch
  • 60 Seconds! Reatomized- Xbox One
  • CATTCH- Xbox One
  • Dark Arcana: The Carnival- Switch
  • Freddy Spaghetti- Switch
  • Shikaku Shapes- Switch

Jeff’s Pick of the Week: Collection of Saga: Final Fantasy Legend

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